Scorm Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems Overview

What are LMS’s?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) represent a new and modern way of computer learning. They include many various names and programs, like course management system (CMS), learning content management system (LCMS), virtual learning environment (VLE), virtual learning system (VLS), learning portal, or e-learning platform. These systems are actually very effective software that supports all online learning courses. Also, they improve the speed of delivery and information development.


These educational systems are created for business companies, schools, and educational centers. LMSs are usually used to facilitate planning and students’ learning organization. Also, this kind of software includes all course preparations as well as preparation of educational contents for students, and they facilitate communication between professors and students. All of information is secured and available only to users. On the other hand, business companies also make use of this kind of software learning for their employees’ training courses in order to get to the top of their management.
Let’s take a look at some of the LMSs.


Canvas is an open-source LM system for higher education. This system provides knowledge for all students and professors in order to build a better course. The author is showing how to make a profile, how to create a course, and add some assignments. He also includes how to get better communication and online discussions with a help of Speed Grader apps for IOS.

Torch LMS

This LMS has the remarkable plugins and tools which enable teachers to make better learning courses. It allows a very quick access from any device, and it also gives some different features and good technical support. Students can upload their work from any device, and this makes it easier to achieve great results and quickly progress through the courses. Many teachers are satisfied using this LMS.


Blackboard is one of the leading LMSs in the higher education world. It gives you K2 program courses. They have a very initiative design which is easy to work with. This software allows an easy access from any device. Also, they have created world-class web capabilities for better education. Also, there are some mobile apps for students and professors, so the communication has never been easier. Teachers also have also a possibility to analyze and compare grades for individuals or for the whole class.


Cornerstone has built managing courses for all the employees to progress in less time and effort. They offer social sourcing, applicant management, and improving collaborating skills through their courses. Also, there are different databases as Onboarding, Learning, Performance, and many more. Employees can collaborate and complete the main projects through this kind of networking. This LMS gives a great opportunity to develop and success in managing.

SumTotal System

This LMS is created for business companies and employees. They offer unmatched expertise and deployment options. The good thing is that this system has built mobile tracking and apps so that they can easily deliver the content. With SumTotal, your employees can improve their collaboration and increase their efficiency.

What about Google Learning Management Systems?

The best learning management educational system coming from Google experts is Google Classroom. This website integrates Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. When the Classroom is updated, it automatically creates a Google Calendar with schedule classes for every teacher. For students, the Classroom offers open discussions, so they are able to give answers online. Teachers can give marks, and check the knowledge of their students.